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Песенный запев в Старгороде 20.02.2020 г.
  •  88

Петь, танцевать и отрываться на Песенном запеве в ...

Футбол в Старгороде 20.02.20 г.
  •  26

Вместе болели за команду Шахтёр в матче с Бенфика ...

Песенный запев в Старгороде 16.02.2020 г.
  •  619

Самые громкие и красочные певцы соревновались за з...

Stargorod is a unique Czech brewery in the city of Dnipro. Only we brew the real Czech beer according to the classic technology using the best European equipment.

For 13 years, the Stargorod brewery chain has been brewing 3 classic styles of beer: Ten, Lager and Black and a special one Wheat. All style of beer are brewed using сatec hops, Czech malt and Czech yeast.

We do not change the suppliers of raw materials from the Czech Republic throughout the existence of the chain. Czech Stargorod Beer is brewed under the control of the Prague Institute of Beer Brewing. Only in Stargorod beer is brewed using classical technology with separate fermentation and fermentation. We do not filter, do not pasteurize beer. We do not use intermediate containers, our beer goes directly from the brewery to the bar and into your glasses.

We are the successors of the age-old traditions of brewing.